Promoting overall well-being by way of reduction of our environmental footprint, gardening, healthy eating lifestyle as well as exercise and fitness as a 21st century go-to while presenting the balance of stress relief thru relaxation and entertainment.


The Diminishing Rainforests

The rainforest is the most biologically diverse ecosystem on earth containing more than half of all living things known to man. In the rainforest you will see an extensive variety of types of plants, trees, flowers, animals, birds, insects, and reptiles and possibly even species you’ve never seen before! Rainforests are essentially the lungs of Mother Nature. However, she is finding it harder and harder to breathe...

Why Not, Plant Seeds?

Why not grow your own vegetables and fruits? Eating fruits and vegetables is a proven way to stay healthier. Many studies have found that people who eat more fruits and vegetables suffer less from cancer and chronic diseases such as heart disease, gastrointestinal disease and impaired vision. It’s a lot easier to get more vegetables into your diet when they are growing affordably right in your backyard! 

Eat Raw, Feel Better!

Raw food is any food that hasn’t been cooked above a certain temperature (generally said to be somewhere between 104ºF and 130ºF), and raw foodists focus on eating a wide variety of fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Including more raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds in your diet can also dramatically boost your energy levels. The storehouse of nutrition locked in these foods (and unlocked by enzymes) will boost your metabolism, feed your cells, supercharge your brain, and speed up digestion.


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."                                                                                                    - Nelson Mandela